Tatsuo Miyajima Preps Largest Immersive LED Art Show For Shanghai

Tatsuo Miyajima: Being Coming, the Japanese artist’s largest solo show to date, will open on May 18 at Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum.

The exhibition, curated by Sun Qidong, features a series of LED displays and performance pieces spanning Miyajima’s career since 1988. It will present several artworks created specifically for the show, including the LED installation Time Waterfall and video performance Counter Skin Face.

The show reevaluates Miyajima’s core concepts in the light of Japan’s radical postwar art wave. Entitled Keep Changing, Connect With All and Goes On Forever, these guiding principles are the foundation of the artist’s installations and performance videos.

Often billed as “immersive”, Miyajima’s artworks invite viewers to reflect on continuity, eternity, and the flow of space and time. Most of his installations feature LED lights counting down from 1 to 9 – embodying the human life cycle and Eastern philosophy of change and renewal.

“In Western thought, permanency refers to a sense of constancy without change. In Eastern and Buddhist philosophy, change is natural and consistently happening,” he explained.

Tatsuo Miyajima: Being Coming will be on show at Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum from May 18 to Aug 18, 2019. – AFP

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