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Finalists In Sustainable Tourism Awards Announced

The Caribbean’s only certified carbon-neutral resort and a car/recreational vehicle (RV) rental company making the switch to electric-powered holiday vehicles are among some of the finalists in a tourism and …

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Why Being Late While Travelling Might Be A Good Thing

Last week, while browsing in Taipei’s famous bookstore, Eslite, I was, as usual, attracted by the books placed prominently on the best seller rack. One particular title stood out – …

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New York’s KGB Museum Offers Cold War Nostalgia Fix

Assassinations in broad daylight. Ruthless agents plotting undercover. Bugging devices in every Western capital. Three decades after the fall of the Soviet Union, the spectre of the notorious KGB still …

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How Did The Art Of Van Gogh Inspire The Work Of Hockney?

Next month, the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam is putting the spotlight on a seemingly unlikely pairing, revealing the influence that Vincent van Gogh had on David Hockney and examining …

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Off The Beat: On The Falcon’s Crest In Doha, Qatar

It was my first visit to Doha, the capital of Qatar and like any first timer, I was left mesmerised by its dazzling skyline. But I wasn’t there to be …

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Flybe expands summer schedule from Heathrow | News

Putting its financial woes to one side, Flybe has today added another daily return flight to its Edinburgh-London Heathrow service as part of its summer schedule. The move increases the …