FlyKLIA Travelling Guide: Sabah, the Land Below the Wind

Sabah is the northern neighbour of Sarawak over in Borneo, the largest island in Asia. While it may not be “Down Under”, as the Land Below the Wind, it still has plenty of amazing experiences to offer. Aim to conquer the tallest mountain in Malaysia, or experience a leisurely cruise along the second-longest river in Malaysia. Additionally, there are so many islands to explore in Sabah—a total of 394—that the islands of Sabah would be a feature article of their own. The food culture of Sabah is also very extensive, so we’re here to show you all the things you should try in Sabah.


At the moment, entry into Sabah from other Malaysian states, including Sarawak, requires visitors to undergo RT-PCR tests three days prior to entry.


Mount Kinabalu

The top destination in Malaysia is quite literally Mount Kinabalu