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A look back at the beauty of Notre-Dame Cathedral

For more than 850 years, the Notre-Dame Cathedral has stood sentinel in the centre of Paris, a signpost of the city’s culture and heritage. It’s where kings and queens were …

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What Causes Flight Delays That Leave You Stuck At Airports?

Travellers still struggle with the lack of information on delayed and cancelled flights, according to a new global survey. A study conducted by aviation and data analytics company Cirium revealed …

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The Forgotten Gem Of Robinson Crusoe Island

For almost a century, the inhabitants of Robinson Crusoe – named for literature’s most famous castaway – have known that their island has a fragile ecosystem and depends on them …

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Table For Two At World’s Most Beautiful Cafe In Budapest

As a true blue Penangite who loves his food and has unlimited tolerance for unsavoury surroundings, I decided to head the other way on my recent trip to Hungary’s capital, …

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Did Picasso Visit A Village In The Ivory Coast?

“I’m sure! I tell you, he came. I saw him!” insists Soro Navaghi, keen to extinguish any doubts about Picasso’s visit to a small Ivorian village famed for its painted …

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Dubai sees steady growth in tourism arrivals in early 2019 | News

A total of 3.14 million international tourists visited Dubai in the first two months of the year, up 90,000 on the figure of 3.05 million from 2018. According to data …