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Malaysia’s largest international tattoo expo to take place in November

Anyone with a tattoo knows exactly what it feels like when the needle first hits their skin, and then having that needle seemingly dragged through their skin. Sometimes for hours …

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Swimming With The Giant Manta Rays In The Sulawes Sea

Swimming with gigantic whale sharks in the Derawan archipelago in East Kalimantan, Indonesia – just a short distance away from Tawau, Sabah – isn’t the only sea adventure in that …

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Travel Gab: An Adventure To The Waters Of The Amazon

Whenever the craftsmen of the Amazon River in South America are asked about the online “Amazon”, they turn shy and bashful. The fact is, they probably did not expect that …

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Be A ‘Woke’ Traveller With Contiki And Trafalgar

It’s all about being “woke” in travel these days, and youth-focused Contiki Holidays has jumped on board with four brand new conscious travel experiences for Europe next year. As part …

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Six Locations Badly Affected By Tourism Overload l

Indonesia has unveiled plans to close the island of Komodo to the public from January next year in a bid to conserve the world’s largest living lizard species – the …

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Caribbean Tourism Organisation launches new UK ad campaign | News

The Caribbean Tourism Organisation has launched a new Caribbean Calling consumer campaign in the UK. Alongside partner BA Holidays, the programme will encourage UK travellers to visit destinations including Antigua …