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What To Do At Secret Garden In Selangor

If you love nature and your idea of a perfect day is hanging out at the park where there are plenty of flowers and greenery, then you would probably love …

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Banyuwangi, A City With Many Stories

My knowledge of the Majapahit Empire was confined to what I learned from history books in school many years ago. But a visit to Banyuwangi in Indonesia’s East Java made …

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Montreal Hotel Commemorates Lennon And Ono’s Bed-In

John Lennon and Yoko Ono spent a week in pajamas in 1969 at The Queen Elizabeth hotel in Montreal, Canada, welcoming journalists and recording Give Peace a Chance as the …

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Call Of The Wild In Uganda, Africa

It wasn’t part of the plan. We were merely supposed to sit in a safari jeep and cruise on a designated path through the sprawling Queen Elizabeth National Park in …

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