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Are These Travellers Adventurous Or Stupid?

Getting burned by boiling hot springs, trekking across slippery glacier ice, jumping from balcony to balcony: some tourists seem to have left their brains at home when packing their luggage. …

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R U Tough Enough SEA 2019: Calling For Contestants

Being tough goes beyond being physically fit; it has also got to do with mental strength and emotional resilience, says R U Tough Enough 2019 judge Benny Yeoh, who was …

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Too Few Statues Of Women In Public Art? Aussie Artist Couple Fixes That

Ten statues of famous women were installed in New York last week as the first part of an international project by Australian artists to highlight gender imbalance in monuments. Media …

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Just Say No To The Bad Guys When You Go To Italy

At the crossroads of the Mediterranean, Sicily in Italy has lured hordes of visitors in its 2,500-year history. Today, it is enticing ethical tourists who do not want to line …

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Red Sea Development Company launches Saudi scholarship programme | News

The Red Sea Development Company has signed an agreement with the University of Prince Mugrin to award 120 scholarships for undergraduate studies, commencing this academic year. The five-year college program …