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Budget Hotels Work Together In Preparation For Visit Malaysia 2020

Are budget hotels in Kuala Lumpur ready for Visit Malaysia Year 2020? The short answer is no. Some budget hotels in KL are still operating illegally – without a licence …

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5 Impressive Fountains To See Around The World l

The new fountains on the Avenue des Champs-Elysées in Paris, France were recently officially inaugurated. The structures – made from an alloy of bronze and aluminium, as well as crystal, …

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What Exactly Is The Appeal Of Dark Tourism? l

A ticket for a four-hour tour tracing the crimes committed by the Manson Family costs US$75 (RM315) and includes visits to the scenes of some of the most infamous murders …

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How To Have Fun In Dusseldorf, Germany l

The weather can get pretty glum at the end of winter in Dusseldorf, Germany. It’s not as cold as the months before, yet it’s constantly windy and wet. When our …

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Call Of The Wild In Uganda, Africa

It wasn’t part of the plan. We were merely supposed to sit in a safari jeep and cruise on a designated path through the sprawling Queen Elizabeth National Park in …

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Briggs & Riley launches TORQ collection in partnership with Harrods | News

Briggs & Riley has the TORQ collection in Hunter green, a striking new update of its best-selling hard-sided luggage collection. Iconic department store Harrods will be the exclusive worldwide launch …